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21 December 2014 by Morgan Lemoullac

If you want to travel a lot in Australia, and see the more things you can, the fastest and sometimes cheapest way of traveling is by plane. Inside journeys are really low cost. There are a lot of airlines in Australia. The mains are Qantas, Virgin Blue, Australian Airlines, Cobham and Jet Star.
But if you want to take your time to appreciate the Australian landscapes, the best way is to use a car! You can rent it, in one of the main car rental firms like Avis, Eurpocar, Hertz, or EasyTerra. The best thing is that you are allowed to rent a car in one city and to leave it in another one.
If you have a little money on the left, you can buy a used car for a really good price. Chose in preference a make that is popular in Australia, like Japanese ones (Toyota, Nissan) or Anglo-Saxon (Ford, Holden). It is important if you have to change a part of the car that you don’t need to make it travel around the world.
When you own a car, it is an obligation that it have a Registration. The Registration, or Rego, is the Australian way to identify vehicles. It is nominative, but you can change the name on the Registration. It is renewable every year, six months or three months, and it can be quite expensive. When you buy a car, check the end date of Registration. The administrative bureau in charge of the registration is the RTA. You will also need a Third Party Insurance. Go to a RTA bureau, or on their website for more information.

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