Respecting the Australian wildlife and flora

21 December 2014 by Morgan Lemoullac

Because Australia is a young nation, with an incredibly various wildlife and flora, the government is very keen on watching with a great attention the balance of Australia’s ecosystem. With its environmental particularities this country can be the prey of imported animals which reproduce themselves in a high speed. Every Australian can tell you the story of the canetoads, imported to destruct the cane beetles, and whose reproduction in the Queensland is now uncontrollable.
That’s why the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) watch so carefully for every single product imported in Australia.

At your arrival in an Australian airport, the Customers will ask you to fill in a Traveller’s Statement. You will have to declare all food, plant material and animal products for inspection to ensure they are free of pests and diseases, and All luggage is X-rayed or screened.

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