Hints and tips on how to park your car in Paris

4 March 2014 by Christian Frank

Parking a car in Paris was never easy. Today Paris, like other European cities, actively discourages the use of cars. To make things really difficult a third of all available parking spaces have disappeared in the past years.

So here are a couple of hints and tips on dos and don’ts when you need to take your car into Paris :

First and foremost, find yourself a parking space and just leave your car there during the whole of your stay. Public transport by metro, bus, taxis or bicycle (you can rent a bike at almost any street corner) take you anywhere in Paris in no time. Merely trying to find a suitable parking space can take longer the journey itself.

Second, you probably should head straight to the nearest underground parking. There is always one in a 5 or 10 minutes walking distance. On the downside, they are quite expensive (25 euros a day, with a discount for longer stays), which means, on the upside, that they are shunned by locals and you do find quite easily a space there.

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How to park your car in Paris : hints and tips

There is of course street parking and there is a way to catch a space. You should aim for 8 to 8.45 am in the morning or 4.30 to 5.15 pm in the afternoon when Parisians go to or leave work. For the reminder of the day you need to be lucky. Evenings are the worse when lots of people head into town.

Once you found yourself a surface space, you need to head to the next "Tabac" to buy a "Paris carte" to be able to pay the parking fee. In theory you are allowed to say no longer than two hours. Parking is free of charge between 7 pm and 9 am.

During the day you should avoid at all cost to leave your car unattended in the yellow spaces, marked "Livraison". They are for deliveries only. Your car will get towed away in no time.

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