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21 December 2014 by Morgan Lemoullac

Then, you will need a place to live in, even if the Australian climate allows you to spend most of your time outside. It exists many ways to find a room, according to your needs and your budget. The cheapest accommodation must be the camping. If you have a camper van, or a station wagon, you can also sleep into your car. The coasts are full of beaches, where you can often find showers and toilet blocks well maintained.
The backpackers are also a good way to travel in Australia for a cheap price. They are everywhere in Australia and can offer to you a lot of tips to find a job, a car… Every backpacker is different, in quality, cleanliness, ambiance, services and prices, but in all of them you have the chance to meet new people from all over the world. That is priceless. But the dark side of backpackers is their relative insecurity: in some backpackers you will have to keep your baggage under constant survey. First rule is always to have your papers (passport…) on you. Moreover, some backpackers can be really noisy during the night. Here again, it depends of the backpacker. Most of them includes safety boxes in their offers.
Another funny, practical, and sometimes cheap solution is to find flatmates. Many website are specialized into this.
Finally, if your budget allows it, you can sleep into Hotels, from the big luxury brands like Hilton, to the cheaper ones, called Hostels.
Since a few years, some other kind of accommodations are growing up in popularity. With the Wwoofing system, you can have a free room and food in compensation of some hours of daily work. Some of those famers offers you to visit the region with them. This kind of system works a lot in Australia, not only in farms, but also in B&B, Backpackers, or even with private individuals. Many website are listing those offers.

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